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With a standard collar, the leash tension caused by a pulling dog is applied directly to the dog's larynx/trachea area causing discomfort for the dog as well as restricting the airflow through the windpipe. This is the reason why dogs "hack" when they pull on their leash. The Sporn Pull-Control™ patented design redirects the leash tension to the area behind your dog's front legs, a sensitive area where the slight pressure applied by the Pull-Control™ restraints will stop your dog from pulling without discomfort. The Pull-Control™ now comes with the fabric Sherpa Sleeve™ abrasion protector on the restraints which provide for improved comfort for even short-haired dogs with sensitive skin. We have found that this harness works particularly well for dogs with elongated and fragile bodies such as dachshunds.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL
Colors: Red, Black and Blue

Neck Size chart:
Small 9"-12"
Medium 12"-17"
Large 16"-24"
Extra Large 23"-33"

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